All Around Plumbing & Leak Detection Frisco TX back to the beginning…. Our founder J M Shaddox (Buck) started Shaddox Plumbing in 1949 in Dallas. When our family got indoor plumbing Buck ( J M’s nickname) was the one who installed it. If you don’t think that is a big deal try running outside on a very cold Frisco night in a drafty outhouse to use the bathroom, what a slap in the face that is. If you really  want an interesting story ask your grandparents about the honey wagon before they had indoor plumbing. You might get a funny story you never knew.

J M Shaddox

Our founder J M Shaddox

J M always knew people wanted more for there money than just a quick fix, they wanted service. He always said,” Be honest and let the customer know all his or her options and they will tell you what they want.” This is how he built his business one customer at a time. Over the years J M built his business specializing in hard to fix problems that other plumbers did not or could not repair. Sometimes this meant spending more time at a customers home than usual. J M always loved these calls like a murder mystery. He would take these calls because people needed the job done and for the challenge. He was one of the first in the North Texas area to take work by the job and not the hour. His thoughts were, “This way my customers know what it will cost before the job is started.”

Honesty, integrity and one customer at a time is still the way we run our business. We still work by the job and not by the hour. J M is still around in spirit. At All Around Plumbing & Leak Detection Frisco TX we are still a family ran business with the values you instill in your own family. Don’t settle for the average plumber call someone who cares and will listen to you the customer. These principals have served us well and still do today. Call a Frisco Plumber for a service appointment today 972-313-4659.

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