Do you know what to do if your house is flooding?

If you heard water running in the middle of the night would you know what to do? Where do you shut the water off at. Do you need tools to shut the water down. Does your shut off valve work? Do you have the non-emergency numbers for you city handy? When was the last time you replaced your water heater? Have you even looked at your water heater in the past year? Water heaters flood thousands of homes here in the Frisco, Plano, Allen and McKinney TX area every year. You can have a small leak or a flood to deal with on your hands. We recommend checking your water heater for signs it needs to be replaced once a month when you change your air condition filters. This is a simple way to remember. Just a few seconds and this habit could save you thousands of dollars. It’s your money…. 

One thought on “Do you know what to do if your house is flooding?

  1. I had a leak under my slab. I live in plano texas. I called All Around Plumbing and i was impressed. These guys are professional and knowledgeable about this trade. They located my leak and fixed it in one day. They were very clean they put plastic over all my house hold goods in the area of the repair. By the time they were done and cleaned up..the only way you could tell they were there was the wet concrete hole they poured. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!! thanks Austin and Adam..great plumbers great service!!

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