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Pipe Types: Repipes for Domestic Systems

Copper The plumbers gold standard for domestic water supply systems for the past 100 years. Copper comes in three grades Type M the thinnest walled used mainly above ground and indoors. Type L is the most common grade used in almost every application. Type K is the heaviest used in commercial and in mains and in between meters. Copper should not be installed if the water has a PH of 6.5 or less. The majority of public utilities supply water at a PH between 7.2 and 8.0 . Many of the utilities that have source water with a PH below 6.5 are treating the water to raise the PH. Private well water systems often have a PH below 6.5. If you have more question call you Frisco, Plano Allen and McKinney plumbers today.

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PVC Polyvinyl Chloride. A rigid white or cream-colored plastic piping. Schedule 40 can be used for domestic systems. Be careful not to use cell core pvc as it is not rated for pressurized systems. Always check for a pressure rating on pvc piping. PVC is not intended for hot water piping.

CPVC Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. Rigid plastic pipe used in water supply systems, where code permits. Withstands high temperatures. Available in straight or in rolls.

PEX is an acronym for cross-linked polyethylene. The “PE” refers to the raw material used to make PEX (Polyethylene), and the “X” refers to the cross-linking of the polyethylene across its molecular chains. The molecular chains are linked into a three-dimensional network that makes PEX remarkably durable within a wide range of temperatures, pressures and chemicals.

* Flexible, installed with fewer fittings than rigid plumbing systems. A good choice for re-piping and for new homes. Works well for corrosive water conditions.

* It can stretch to accommodate the expansion of freezing water and then return to its original size when water thaws. Although it is highly freeze-resistant, no material is freeze-break proof

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Galvanized Steel If you have galvanized piping, expect a limited life span from it. The main problem with the pipe is that water will be severely restricted by corrosion that eventually fills the pipe completely. Another problem is the mismatch of metals between the brass valves and the steel. Whenever steel pipe meets copper or brass, you will see rapid corrosion of the steel pipe due to electrolysis. Dielectric unions can be used between copper and steel pipes, however some of these unions will close off flow in a short time. If you have galvanized piping you will have to replace the piping due to loss of flow or recurring leaks.

Poly Poly pipe is a soft plastic pipe that comes in coils, used for cold water. It is used on water services. It can crack with age or wear through from rocks. Other weak points can be the stainless steel clamps or galvanized couplings


Problems with Other types of Piping

Quest Polybutylene Pipe Is a grey plastic pipe that looks similar to PVC but has a different chemical make up. It was involved in one of the largest class action suits Cox vs Shell Oil.


To be eligible for recovery under the Cox vs. Shell Oil, et al., class action lawsuit:

  • You must own or have previously owned a dwelling or other unit plumbed with a Polybutylene (PB) Plumbing System (conducts water to your sinks, showers, etc.), or a PB Yard Service Line (conducts water to your dwelling unit from the water company), or both. Boats and RV’s are not eligible. You can also see the definition of Class Member.
  • The PB Plumbing System or PB Yard Service Line must have been installed between 1/1/78 and 7/31/95.
  • The PB Plumbing System must have been installed using PB pipe and insert fittings. The PB Yard Service line must be PB pipe but may have any type of fittings. The PB Plumbing System or PB Yard Service Line must have had at least one “Leak” as defined in Cox vs. Shell Oil, et al.

Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center


Kitec . Made of an aluminum tube laminated to interior and exterior layers of plastic. Kitec pipe and fittings fail when they are exposed to water because of a chemical reaction known as dezincification, which results in reduced water flow and leaks. Dezincified Kitec pipe and fittings cause damage not only when they burst and leak, but also impair the ability of a home’s plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and fixtures. There are currently class action suits filed in several states dealing with this product. If you have any legal questions please refer to an attorney.

Our thoughts on re-piping your home or business are to first hire a licensed Frisco plumber. Research the product to be installed in your home. Ask questions about the product. Remember quicker and cheaper are not always the best solution to your problems. Please seek legal advise from an attorney if you have any questions we are not liable for any legal advise given here on this page.

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