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When the gas company shuts off your gas due to a gas leak call the gas experts.

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I smell gas what do I do? Call your gas company or 911 open doors and let fresh air in and turn the gas off at the meter. Unfortunately the time to look for your gas stops are before you have a leak. We recommend every home own know where the home and appliance gas stops are located. If you have question call us at All Around Plumbing & Leak Detection Frisco, Plano, Allen and McKinney TX 972-313-4659.

You smell gas and have called the gas company and they have determined you have a leak and turned your gas off. The Gas company tells you to call a Frisco plumber they can’t fix it. The gas company is a public utility company and cannot make repairs to the gas system on the homeowners side of the service meter. In the State of Texas you will need to have your gas system inspected by a licensed plumber. The system will need to be placed under a pressure test and inspected for leaks and any code violations. The gas system will have to be brought up to current code and pass a pressure test.

How do I get my gas back on? After repairs are made and all code issues are taken care of a city inspection will be scheduled. This inspection is usually done the next day after repairs are made. The city inspector will make a visit to the property and inspect all the repairs. They will check for any code violations and issue a green tag if the system passes. After inspection passes the city inspector will release the gas system to be turned back on. Then it is the homeowners responsibility to contact the gas company to have service restored. If you are having problem call our plumber in Frisco, Plano, Allen and McKinney TX at 972-313-4659.

I know where the leak is why do I need to have a pressure test? Even if you know where the leak is your repair will have to be permitted and inspected by a city inspector. All code issues will have to be addressed before inspection. Before your service is restored a city inspector will have release the service to be turned back on.

I don’t know where the leak is what do I do? Our train plumbers have the training and equipment to find your problems and suggest a solution to any problems you may have with your gas service. It is not uncommon to have a gas leak and not be able to see where your problem might be. Don’t trust a handyman to make repairs to your gas system. It is illegal and very dangerous. Your families safety and well being are not worth hiring a unlicensed person.

Where does the gas companies line end and my gas service begin? Your service begins at your gas meter. The line coming into the gas meter is high pressure and belongs to the gas company. The line leaving the meter is the beginning of your gas line and your responsibility. The gas company is responsible for both the unions and gaskets at the meter.

Why do I need a permit to get my gas turned back on? This is done for your safety and your neighbors as well as the public utilities service line. The inspector will check for proper venting so you don’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning. All fire code issues will be addressed remember we are dealing with flammable gas here. Combustion air issues will be addressed to make sure your appliances are operating correctly. All other hazardous conditions will be checked. The city inspector is a third party inspector that has your interest and safety at heart.

How long does it take to get a city inspection? This is usually done the next day. In certain cases we can obtain a same day inspection. After inspection the city inspector will release the service to be turned back on

My gas system was working and the gas company turned my service off? The gas company is constantly surveying the utility lines. If they detect gas in a area a locating crew or tech will dispatched to the area. If your home is suspect your service will be tested and disconnected if needed. Your meter reader will also check if the meter reading is unusually high.

Before the gas company will turn on my gas service they want a pressure test. If your service has been disconnected for any length of time the gas company might require a test before your service is continued

Annual Service gas testing is required for my business can you help me? We can help with your annual testing and inspections just give us a call for pricing information. We do annual testing for Day Care service and Schools in the Frisco, Plano, Allen and McKinney area our plumber are well train to service your needs callus at 972-313-4659.

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