How to Hire a Plumber in Frisco TX

 Plumbing problems always happen at the wrong time. The time to hire a plumber is before you have a problem. Every homeowner sooner or later will have to hire one. Your choice of plumbers in the Frisco, Plano, McKinney and Allen area can make the difference between a good experience and a bad one, so be careful when choosing a plumber. This will make the process easier without having an emergency to deal with plus choosing a plumber.


The best place to start is trusted friends, relatives and neighbors. Ask about there experiences what kind of plumbing problems they had. Next find out how the plumbing problem was resolved and were they happy with the plumbers repair. Was their Frisco plumber on time and professional? Did the plumber explain things in a simply manner so the problem was understood by you before any repairs were made. Was their repair in writing and did the estimate go over the original estimate?


Don’t choose a someone based on price only. When it comes to price and plumbers make sure you are getting the same job or material for the same price. A good example is you can buy a $99.00 dollar toilet or a $400.00 dollar toilet to install. Use common sense and ask questions until you are satisfied you have all the answers you need. Now that we are talking about price I would never hire a Frisco plumber by the hour to make repairs. There is no incentive for them to finish the job timely. The other thing to remember is that plumbers have different skill levels. One plumber might be able to finish the same job in one hour and another in five hours. Which one would you want to pay by the hour? That is why a fixed price for plumbing is your best bet you have a set price and no surprises.


Let’s go back to your plumber’s skill level and what to look for. First off you need to understand there are different kinds of plumbers. A new construction plumber for commercial is different than residential. Another plumber is a service plumber or repair plumber. Still another plumber is the medical gas system installer which specializes in hospital gas and vacuum systems. This plumber also carries an extra endorsement on his Texas Plumbing License. Another Frisco plumber specializes in leak detection under concrete slabs. Even in leak detection there are plumbers that specialize in domestic water leak locates and another in sewer leak detection. The reasons for this are the equipment is different for each kind of locating. There are plumbers that specialize in high rise systems, boilers, pumps and lift stations. And believe it or not even more specialist so know the company you are hiring and what they do. Your plumber’s experience and skill level can cost you. On average it takes 10 years to make a good service repair plumber just something to think about.


Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if you have any questions about the plumber’s estimate or repair methods. If your plumber has problems with this get another plumber. Getting another opinion is just good business for you and an honest plumber. The only problem is it will probably cost you for a good plumber to come out to your home. If you think the estimate should be free just remember you get what you pay for. Usually if you pay nothing you have something that is worthless. Even when you take your vehicle to the shop you pay for a service charge to have it checked out right. Sometimes investing a little money can save a lot.


Now here is what to look for with any plumber. In the State of Texas your plumber is licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners TSBPE. You can go to TSBPE’s website and check to see if your plumber’s license is current. Another thing to remember only a licensed master plumber can operate a plumbing business and secure work in Texas. A master plumber’s license will say master on the license. Journeyman or Tradesman plumbers are not allowed to secure work. It is important to remember this fact. Everyone should ask for proof of insurance and the State of Texas makes it easy. You can look up the master plumber’s license number on the internet and see if he or she carries insurance. An important fact in the State of Texas there are around 10,000 master plumbers at any given time, only about 2300 carry insurance. The State calls a master plumber carrying insurance for a company a responsible master plumber. It is State law that your plumbers plumbing company carry insurance and have a responsible master plumber. The minimum amount of insurance is $300,000 dollars. This is done so you don’t have hunt for a dishonest plumber, if you have a insurance or fraud claim against your plumber. You can call the State of Texas and they will give you the plumber’s insurance company so you can file a claim. Ask to see the masters license number it should be on there truck and invoices.


How long has the company you hired been in business? This might be a clue as to what he is capable of doing. You want to know who will be performing the work. Ask questions until you have answers. If your plumber has not been around that long how good is your warranty? What kind of warranty do you get on the workmanship? Will your plumber need a permit and is the cost included in the work. Get any estimate in writing and make sure you know what you are signing. The Texas lien laws are very strong and a contractor can lien your property so be careful and seek legal advice if you have questions. The last thing to remember if it does not feel right get a second opinion. All statistics provided for by TSBPE.

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