Leaking Toilets and High Water Bills


Can a leaking toilet cause my water bill to be so high? The answer is yes it can. We get this call every week and go out to look for a slab leak only to find a toilet is the culprit. This is a easy thing to diagnose there are several ways check if a toilet is wasting water.


1. The first thing is to listen to the toilet and see if it starts to fill when it has not been flushed.

2. You can mark the inside of the tank at the water level or fill line and return in a few minutes and see if the water level has dropped.

3. Repeat #2 but this time turn off the angle stop under toilet and check for any changes. This time wait for 5 to10 minutes. If the fill valve in the toilet is bad it might be bleeding by and not stopping. This is why we turn off angle stop. There is a chance that the angle stop is also bad and letting pressure leak by too.

4. In this case you can replace the angle stop or you can take so food coloring from your kitchen and put some in the tank after it has filled and see if the water in the bowl changes color. If this happens the flapper is bad and you need to replace it.

5. One more place to check is the fill valve can be discharging into the fill or overflow tube and not the tank. So take the supply hose out of the fill tube and see if the fill valve is leaking by or you can remove the other end of the hose and check directly at the fill valve or ball cock.

6. Even a small amount of water can become a big leak 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is money literally down the drain or toilet. We hope this helps you.

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