Which low flow toilets flush the best?

This is a question we get all the time, which toilet can I get that will flush everything the first time. It’s hard to say you have a water saving toilet when you have to flush two or three times to get the job done. If you are old enough you can remember 7 gallons per flush toilets and 5 gallons per flush. The first water saving toilets were the 3.5 gallons per flush toilets. From there we when to the 2.6 gallon per flush toilet and down to the 1.6 low flow toilet in 1992. The Clean Water Act was put into place to save our water resources. More important home owners are saving an even more precious resource the money in your wallet. With the price of everything going up I am going to do my part to keep my money in my pocket to.

Is there really that much to chose from it’s just a toilet right? When it comes down to selecting your toilet, you will want to consider the size, comfort, height, style, and how well it functions. There are gravity flush toilets, the most common type made today, pressure assisted flush, vacuum assisted flush, and dual flush toilets. There are one piece toilets and two piece toilets, round bowls and elongated bowls. There are toilets with remotes and heated seats and many added options.

Will it flush is all I want to know. As a licensed plumber the last thing we want to sell or install is something that does not work well. Here are toilets we have tested and installed in our own homes. After all it is about getting the job done,


Toto Drake

Contemporary , high profile design G-Max® Flushing System: Quiet, powerful,
Commercial grade flushing performance. Upgrade with SoftClose® seat, or a
Washlet® . Fast Flush: Wide 3” flush valve is 125% larger than conventional
2” flush valves ADA Compliant
Wider, 2 1/8” computer designed, fully glazed trapway, large water surface,
High profile close soupled toilet with 12” rough-in ADA compliant.
Low consumption (6Lpf/ 1.6 Gpf) siphon jet flushing action.

Tank with lid, fittings, chrome plated trip lever, less seat


Toto Ultramax

Sleek high profile one piece toilet
The Ultimate® Suite: Matching toilets and lavatories
Power Gravity Flushing System: A powerful and quiet flush,
everytime. Complete with SoftClose® seat, or upgrade to a
Washlet®. Fast Flush: Wide 3” flush valve is 125% larger
than conventional 2” flush valves. Wider, 2 1/8” computer
designed, fully glazed trapway. Large water surface
Sleek high profile round one piece toilet with 12″ rough-in.
Low consumption (6 Lpf/1.6 Gpf) siphon jet flushing action.

Tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever and SoftClose seat included.


Toto Dartmouth

Traditional design, high profile two piece toilet
The Dartmouth® Suite: Matching toilet and lavatories
Universal height for maximum comfort
G-Max® Flushing System: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing
Performance. Upgrade with a Traditional SoftClose® seat or a Washlet®
Fast Flush: Wide 3” flush valve is 125% larger than conventional 2”
flush valves. ADA Compliant
Large water surface


Eljer Titan
1.6 Gallons (6 Liters) of Water Per Flush
15″ Rim Height Bowl
Siphon Jet Pro-One™ Flushing System
Category 7™ 3-Inch Flush Valve
Comfortable Elongated-Rim Bowl
Side-Mounted Flush Actuator
Back of Tank Fully Glazed
Glazed 2-1/8″ Trapway – Passes a 2″ Ball
Tri-Point Stabilizer for Rigid Tank-to-Bowl Support
Concealed Sanitary Bar
Brass Tank to Bowl Bolts
Chlorine-Resistant Flapper
12″ Rough-In

Some Texas cities are offering a water saving credit of up to one hundred dollars now is the time to replace your old toilets with newer water saving toilets. In the long run the money you save will be your own. Check with your local municipality for grants or credits available.

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