At All Around & Leak Detection Plano we take pride in providing some of the best service to the Plano area.  It is important to have a Plano plumber you trust when dealing with sewer pipe-lining, trenchless repairs, gas system service repairs and installations and the dreaded slab leak repairs. All of these jobs require the proper plumbing knowledge in order to detect and fix properly, which is a top priority for us. A Plano plumber must also take into mind the age range of the homes which can vary from very old to brand new, meaning that the plumbing could be extremely different from house to house. We consider every aspect of a home when taking on a job to effectively fix all your plumbing problems.

Guaranteed Plumbing Pricing

These days we know how important it is for customers to know the price up front instead of giving a rough estimate that could drastically change once the job is done. We prefer to keep it honest from the beginning charging by the job and not the hour. This allows you to make an informed decision and compare to other Plano plumbing companies if you wish. We are confident in our expertise and what we charge for it, but we still value second opinions as much as you and are never afraid to tell our customers to do so.

We can take a look at another company’s’ service estimate or give you a new one. Just call us or ask your questions over the phone our plumbers will be glad to help you.

Licensed Plumbers

Would you ever use an unlicensed practitioner to handle your medical needs? Hopefully not! You should never trust an unlicensed company either. At All Around Plumbing we use licensed personnel for your protection. Did you also know it is State law? All plumbers working in the State of Texas must work under a Master Plumber. The plumbing company must have a responsible Master Plumber that carries insurance and have insurance on file with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners TSBPE.


Are you tired of average call All Around Plumbing & Leak Detection we are family owned and operated; when you call there is always someone who cares. We care about your business just as much as you care about your house.


Call Us and start saving money today. Honest pricing, quality service with a guarantee every time.

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