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Threaded Both Ends
T & C Threaded and Coupled. Some cast iron pipe is sold threaded with a coupling attached.
TDS Total Dissolved Solids.
TO Threads Only.
T & P Valve Temperature & Pressure relief valve. A safety device used to expel excess pressure or heat from inside a tank.
TPI Threads Per Inch
T & S Tub and Shower
Tailpiece Section of pipe that runs between a fixture outlet and the trap.
Tail Pipe The pipe added below the jet assembly, in a weak well application.
Tank Fixture A reservoir for flush water. On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve, and trip lever are installed in the tank. A tank lid closes the top tank opening.
Tank Cross A double-tee-shaped fitting installed between a shallow well pump and the bladder tank with integrated valve and gauge fittings, and an outlet for a pressure-relief valve.
Tank-less Water Heater Instantaneous water heater.

Tannin (Tannic acid)

A substance occurring naturally in well water. It is produced by decaying vegetation, and causes the water to have a yellow of light brown color and can provide a bitter taste. There is currently no EPA regulatory level for tannin in water.
Tap Adapter


Fitting with one plain end and one threaded female end Frisco TX USA.
Tap Tee


Cast iron tee with a threaded female side inlet.
Tap Water Water provided by a water company by way of the home’s plumbing system.
Tapered Pipe


Standard type of threads used on iron pipe and pipe fittings.
Tee T-shaped fitting with three openings that allow another pipe to be joined at a 90 degree angle, used to create branch lines.
Teflon Tape A fluorocarbon polymer with non-sticking properties used to wrap pipe threads to seal a joint.
Temperature Rise The number of degrees Fahrenheit that incoming water must be raised to reach the desired water temperature.
Tempered Glass Glass that has been annealed or strengthened by a process of gradually healing and cooling. Once a piece of glass has been tempered, it cannot be cut. If it breaks, it breaks into many small pieces. By code, all shower doors must be made of tempered glass.
Tempering Valve An in-line hot / cold mixing valve.
Test Plug A rubber plug that is used to seal off sections of pipe to allow testing for leakage.
Test Tee A tee with a removable plug for permitting access to a drainage line.


Measurement of 100,000 BTU’s.
Thermal Efficiency Ability to transfer and absorb heat from fuel sources into the water.
Thermal Expansion The effect of water expanding when heated.





Small electric generator. Electron flow between the hot junction of 1200 degrees F and cold junction of 600 degrees F creates millivoltage.
Thermopile Apparatus that consists of a number of thermocouples combined so as to multiply the effect and is used for generating electrical current.
Thermostat (Lower) Device that automatically maintains a predetermined temperature in an appliance.
Thermostat (Upper) Device that automatically maintains a predetermined temperature in an appliance, usually equipped with a safety shutoff.
Thermostatic Valve Pressure-balancing shower mixing valve with automatic temperature control. When temperature or pressure fluctuations occur at the water inlets, a thermal actuator adjusts the hot and cold ratio to maintain the original temperature setting.
Throat-Plate The underside portion of some faucet spouts which also use a top shroud to cover an assembled faucet waterway. The throat-plate is only visible when viewed from a very low angle.
Threaded A helical or spiral ridge on a screw, nut, or bolt.
Tile Rise (Buttress) The raised portion of a shower curb that is on more than one level.
Total Dissolved Solids A measure of the total amount of dissolved matter in water.
Total Head The difference between the head at the discharge and suction flange of the pump ( syn Total Dynamic Head, pump head, system head).
Touchless Faucet Commercially installed faucet or urinal valve that function using infrared sensor system.
Total Discharge Head The total pressure or head the pump must develop. It is the sum of the depth to pumping level, elevation, service pressure, and friction loss.
Toxicity Test Test to determine the toxicity of a chemical or an effluent using living organisms. It measures the degree of response of an exposed test organism to a specified chemical or effluent.
Transite Pipe Pipe manufactured from asbestos and concrete, commonly found in water mains. Transom Panel a panel usually located above the door of an enclosure. It can be used to keep steam inside of a steam-shower unit. Some open to vent steam.
Trap Curved section of drain line that prevents sewer odors from escaping into the atmosphere. All fixtures that have drains must have a “P” trap installed. A toilet is the only plumbing fixture with an “S” trap.
Trap Arm The waste arm portion of a drainage trap.

Trap Dip


The U-bend portion of a drainage trap.


Trap Drain


A flex adapter to connect 1 ¼” to 1 ½” drain pipe Trap Primer A small feeder line connecting the cold water line directly to the drainage trap, which releases a small amount of water to the trap should it run dry to maintain the water seal.

Trap Seal Height of water in a toilet bowl “at rest.”. It provides the water seal which prevents sewer gases from entering the home. It is measured from the top of the dam down to the inlet of the trapway. Also referred to as deep seal in Frisco TX.
Trap Weir See Crown Weir. An interior projection in the outlet side of a trap to aid in maintaining a water seal.
Trapway Channel in a toilet that connects the bowl to the waste outlet. It is where the siphonic action takes place. The trapway is measured in terms of the largest diameter ball which can pass through it. Also called the passageway. Trim Any non-vitreous china toilet components, except the seat. Includes such items as ballcock, bolt caps, trip lever.
Trenchless A system of installing or replacing underground infrastructure by pulling the lines through an existing pipe or a pilot hole, rather than laying pipe into long, pre-dug trenhches.
Trip Lever Flush handle and actuating arm on a toilet tank. Also the lever that opens and closes the drain on the bathtub waste and overflow. Tube Talon Plastic hanger for mounting copper pipe.
Tube Valve A valve which is opened or closed by mechanically moving a tube upstream or downstream by an actuating screw Tube Washer Replacement washer for one end of a closet tube.
Tuberculation The process in which blister-like growths of metal oxides develop in pipes as a result of the corrosion of the pipe metal. Iron oxide tubercles often develop over pits in iron or steel pipe, and can seriously restrict the flow of water.
Turbulent Flow Fluid flow in which the velocity at a given point varies erratically in magnitude and direction. Turbidity Water cloudiness caused by suspended particles.
Two-Piece Toilet Toilet with a separate tank and bowl. Also referred to as a close-coupled toilet
Type “M” Tube





Tyseal Gasket

An industry standard for copper tubing defined by the tube wall thickness and identified by a “red” stripe . Type “L” Tube An industry standard for copper tubing defined by the tube wall thickness and identified by a “blue” strip. Type “L” copper tube wall is approximately 50% greater thickness than Type “M.”



Gasket for joining SV cast iron pipe into a hub.