Water Heater Sediment Traps

Water Heater Sediment Traps Water Heater Sediment Traps

This is a water heater question we get asked about all the time. All water heater manufactures recommend installing a sediment trap. If you do not install a sediment trap on your new gas water heater it will void the warranty.


This is recommended for two reasons, the first one is it can extend the life of your water heater. What a sediment trap does on a hot water heater is keeps moister and small particles from reaching your water heater. If your water heaters orifice get trash in it your pilot or burner will not operate correctly. If your burner assembly is not operating correctly that could be deadly. If you look at it that way it really is a cheap way to protect you and your water heater.

A sediment trap should be as close to the water heater as possible, but down stream of the water heater shut off valve. This is so the gas can be shut off and the trap checked if necessary. The other important thing is the gas flow must make a 90 degree turn so the gas will flow to the water heater thermostat and the trash will settle in the trap. See the sediment trap on the water heater above. The pipe nipple which makes up the trap should be a minimum of 3 inches long. I hope this helps you with you water heater install. If you have questions you can call us we would be glad to help you.

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