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Did you know a plumbing leak under your foundation can destroy your home? Most home owners don’t even know they have a leak until they have foundation problems. To make matters worse the homeowner that thought he just needed to repair his foundation and fix the cracks now has to deal with a plumbing issue. The reason the homeowner is informed he has a plumbing leak (slab leak) by his foundation company is because it will cause his home to keep moving.

Did you know a slab leak under your foundation will void your warranty with the foundation company? If you have had foundation work check you warranty. The reason a foundation company will void the warranty is if you have a leak under the house it will move no matter how well you pier it.

The next surprise a homeowner will find is what kind of leak they have. The most common slab leak is on the sanitary sewer, not the domestic system. Let me take a minute to explain these two systems. The domestic system is the water coming into home that you drink. The sanitary sewer is your drain that takes the incoming water away from your home and back to the city’s service. The reason this is a surprise is most homeowner never had a problem with the sewer under there home. The problem is the leak is causing the structure to move.

Expansive soils here in north Texas. Almost everyone has heard we have highly expansive soils here in the DFW area. The propellant that causes the soil to expand is water. That is why most people are told to water all the way around there home. This is so the soil is kept at a constant even rate of hydration. If the soil under your home is kept at a constant then there is not movement caused by the heaving. Now we know the soil when it get wet it expands and when it dries out it contracts.

You don’t think it is a big deal about a little leak under your home? If it was not a big deal your foundation company would not void your warranty. Let me explain this in simple terms, have you ever had to dig in the ground after a rainy day or two? If you have you know after you dig down a few inches the ground is dry. Now this will give you a good idea how dry it is under your home. The biggest thing that would change this is a slab leak. This is what causes your home to heave in the center or where you have plumbing.

Did you know most mortgage companies will not finance a mortgage note until the plumbing has been tested after a foundation lift? Are you starting to see a pattern here? Slab leaks are a big problem in the DFW area. If you are thinking about buying a home in the North Texas area why would you not have the plumbing tested?

Did you know your home inspection will not uncover a sanitary slab leak? Your home inspector can not test the sewer system only a plumber can test this. Don’t make the mistake of calling any plumber, call someone that does this everyday not your general plumbing company. Don’t risk your future have your new home checked out and keep your peace of mind. Remember we mentioned earlier in this page most people don’t know they have a plumbing leak. The time to find a slab leak is before you buy your home.

Did you know most people that have foundation problems have been in their home less than 5 years? Over 60% of homeowners with foundation problems have a slab leak. Don’t think that little cracks are normal get your home tested today.

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