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Water Leak we can find it.


Finding a water leak can save you money. If you don’t think water is a precious resource just look at your water bill. You can follow these easy steps to see if you have a leak in your domestic or sprinkler system.

    1. Turn off all water using appliances faucets, washing machines, dishwashers or any appliance that uses water. If you have a sprinkler system turn it off at the main control valve box located near your meter.
    2. Take your cover off your meter box and clean the meter face.
    3. Clean the meter face so you can read it. Watch your meter for any movement. You will see a red triangle or silver and black disc know as a leak indicator which makes up to 354 revolutions for ever gallon used. This is the low end of the meter it is always the first part of the meter to malfunction. You can test this by letting your hose bib or faucet drip slowly and see if it moves. If the low end of the meter is not working you can buy a pressure gauge for you local home supply store. If you have movement at your meter you have a leak. If you have no movement and still think you have a leak call us and we will be glad to help you test the system yourself with a gauge.
    4. If you have a leak you want to try to isolate your leak. Turn off the main valve located near your home and check the meter to see if it stops. If your meter does not stop you have a leak in the yard line between your home and the water meter. Look around your yard for wet spots between the meter and your home.
    5. If your meter stops and you see no signs of water the leak could just be a toilet, dripping faucet or shower valve. Turn the main valve back on and we will check some more. The first thing to do is turn off the angle stops under your toilets. Turn these off one at a time and check your meter to see if it stops. If your meter still does not stop give us a call and we can answer your questions or schedule an appointment.
    6. If you know where your leak is we can help you to call us today.
    7. If you have a water leak under your slab please look at our slab leak locating tab on the top left are of this page. We can help you with leak detection and water leak problems. We understand water leaks and the leak detection process. We’ll take the to explain your plumbing problems we really do care. Call us today we are there when you need us.

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