Water Hammer in the  Frisco, Plano area?

Are you have trouble with noisy pipes call All Around Plumbing Frisco, Plano, McKinney or Allen Texas?

Water Hammer occurs when you have water in your piping system that is forced to stop suddenly and change direction. Water hammer usually happens when a valve is closed at the end of a piping system and the shock or pressure wave is carried back through the system. This causes the pipes to shake and rattle and make the noise you hear in your walls, this is why we call it water hammer. This can also damage the piping and cause flooding in your home. It can damage the appliances installed in your home also. (Water Heater, Valves, Faucets, Washer Machines, Dish Washers, Ect.) There are solutions to this problem and your Frisco plumber we can help you with water hammer.

One solution is to lower the water pressure through installing a pressure reducing valve. This will slow the velocity of the water in your piping system. This will stop the shock or pressure wave in your pipes. The water hammer will stop usually with this solution.

In other cases we will have to install an expansion tank this will absorb the shock wave produced to protect your pipes and appliances. Code may require us to install both in other instances. Water hammer can be a very destructive to your plumbing system. The result could be thousands of dollars worth of repairs, flooding or the loss of things you cannot replace. Don’t let water hammer damage your home. Call us  today we can help.

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